Structures which Future Formations incorporate are listed below.

The different kind of business structures are available to choose from this area, as you will see below you can choose the structure that best services your needs, if you click on each tab, you will find more information regarding that particular structure.

When you choose the structure we will automatically assign a standard memorandum & articles to go to companies House, if you need to add bespoke documents please go ahead with the incorporation and e-mail [email protected]with the bespoke memorandum & articles

The popular structure that most companies are built around is Limited by Shares, this is because the business is responsible for any debts and not the directors.


Once the structure ha been chosen, you then have to choose the package, we have Digital and Digital and Print, the digital package comes with an electronic copy of your incorporation documents e-mailed to you, and the digital and print has the digital copies plus a bound set of documents printed and sent out by Royal mail.

Non-Privacy = This package does not include the use of our address on Companies House register, you must sill provide an address in England and Wales, or your company will be rejected by Companies House
Privacy = With this package comes the use of our address on Companies House for the Registered Office and Service Address, no general mail is included in this package.
Fully Inclusive = This is as is says in the title fully inclusive meaning we will accept all correspondence on your behalf including small Packages and parcels.
Global = These packages have been designed for our international customers.
Basic = This is the same as the Privacy Package
Standard = This is the same as the Fully inclusive
Super = This package is the fully inclusive plus One apostilled Document
Multi = This is the same as the fully inclusive package with two apostilled documents
Ultra = This is the same as the fully inclusive with 3 apostilled documents and a COG.

All the international packages are digital and Print and come with a courier service for the documents to be delivered.

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