Non-Business address Service

If you are an individual who has problems with your mail, a shared letterbox you can use our address to have your post and parcels redirected to.

With this service, we will also allow you to collect your mail; however, the correspondence must be collected each week on a day that suits you.

When you mail arrives, we can scan this to you.

You will need to arrange for your mail to be forwarded, using Royal Mail redirection service

3 Month £40.00 £0.00
6 Month £65.00 £0.00
12 Month £98.00 £0.00
24 Month £186.20 £0.00
36 Month £264.60 £0.00
48 Month £333.20 £0.00
60 Month £392.00 £0.00

What is included?
  All your general mail redirected to us.
  Parcels. Please check Parcel Policy
  Mail scanned free of charge or collected once a week.